Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Spring and Sunrise and New Beginnings

Something stirs in the soul when you see the sun rise.  The colours, the silence, the peaceful energy all lead us to the realization that each day is a new beginning.  We often lose the knowledge that at any point, on any day, we can recreate the life we lead.  Take a deep breathe as you view the sunrise and ask yourself....what is it that I want from this one life I have?  What makes my heart sing and my soul soar? Am I living my best life?  What do I love and what do I want to change?  Then, remind yourself that you have the ability to create that world.  You can change jobs, you can bring new people into your life, you can depend on your 'circle' to support you and most importantly you can put your happiness first.  Lead by example, show your children, your family and your friends that living the life your were meant to live is how you intend to live and that it is also what you want for them.  Remaining in a life that drains you of your vital life force energy is not what you would want for your loved ones....why is it something that you are willing to accept for yourself?
Start with the simple things...rather than decide what has to go....what do you want to bring in to your life?  Add things that bring you joy.  A monthy trip to an art gallery or museum, a book club, a Sunday drive to explore the area where you live, a yoga class, a meditation ritual, clearing out clutter one drawer at a time or taking time to nurture a relationship.  Something that makes your heart smile just a little, we are not looking at major changes or eliminating things from your life because large change brings stress and stress is the major reason we stop and return to the matter how unhappy it makes us.  As you slowly add joy to your life, your soul will gain strength and you will know when you are ready to make yet another change.  Over time, the changes will add up to a life you love.
Maybe it all begins with watching the sun rise one morning, a new day, a new beginning for the world and maybe, just maybe the beginning of something new and better for you.

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  1. Your words evoke one of my beloved poets, Mary Oliver. She whose practice was to rise daily before dawn, notebook and pencil in hand, to notice Nature and the new day begin. And from this came the most glorious, resonant poetry. And then to die being a bride to amazement. What inspiration!