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Lilylayne Lifestyle Living - Living With Grace and Simplicity

 Lilylayne Lifestyle Living - Living with grace and simplicity

Lilylayne Lifestyle Living is a gathering place and yoga studio, both in person and on line, aimed at helping women live their best life.  We acknowledge that each person has much control over their health, wellbeing and destiny, but each must choose to take that responsibility.  Wellness is our responsibility.  Everything anyone ever wants in life is for one reason only and that is, how they believe it will make them feel.  Life is about feelings or emotions yet most of our lives are spent trying to 'think' our way out of those feelings.   It is easier to change the mind through the body than it is to change the body through the mind. 

I am a registered yoga instructor through the Canadian Yoga Alliance qualified to teach Hatha yoga, Kundalini Awakening yoga (which I have combined into what I call Serenity Yoga),  Consistency Coaching to rewire your brain and change your habits, Reiki practitioner, Aromatherapy practitioner & Life coach.

My yoga training concentrated on ayurveda and mediation, both helpful in calming the mind.  In a chaotic world, we learn techniques to slow down, and both heal and balance the mind, body and spirit.  Many of our diseases begin with either inflammation, stress or an imbalance in the body and left unchecked these issues bloom into disease. But what if we could address the inflammation, imbalance and stress before they affect our wellness?   Eliminating toxic foods (and these may be different for different people), calming the mind and exploring our curiosity are the pathway to living a life of wellness and joy.

Depending on your time of life, your needs and your desires, we have three areas of focus. It is not a linear progression, but a menu of options from which you can choose what is needed in your life at this time.

The Pathway to Serenity Series at Lilylayne Lifestyle Living

REPLENISH - We start from where you are, not where you think you should be.  REPLENISH is all about healing the wounds of your body, mind and spirit.  Gentle yoga, simple meditation, hydrating the body, balancing your sleep cycles and using silence as a tool to detach from a world that has our central nervous system on alert at all times.  We look at your current habits and routines and you will determine what, if anything, needs to change. The aim of REPLENISH is to find the balance that is the basis of a happy, healthy life.

NOURISH - Here we start looking at how you nourish your body, mind and spirit. NOURISH is all about giving yourself that which you need to have a happy and healthy life. Food, movement, relationships, self care, connectivity, curiosity and routines.

FLOURISH -  This is where the creativity begins!  You begin to FLOURISH in your life, not just exist through your life.  Through written or verbal prompts, we develop an awareness of the things that make you feel excited.  We explore the various aspects of ourselves and learn to welcome all these parts of ourself (the maiden, the mother and the wise woman), it is this unique combination of traits that make you so special and unique....and the world needs for all of us to show up in the fullness of who we are.

Within all three limbs of the Pathway to Serenity series, there are elements of:  yoga, mediation, discussion, self exploration, journaling, visualizing, nourishment, habits & routines, aromatherapy, aromatherapy massage, Reiki treatments and determining what it is that you truly want in this life.  Some classes are for our general well being and some are specifically geared to a particular focus such as anxiety or women's issues.

The Blog posts will help you understand the perspective from which Lilylayne Lifestyle Living sees life.  We are currently changing our program delivery and will soon be offering in person Serenity Yoga classes locally, small classes ( 4-5 maximum) in our cabin on the shores of the beautiful Bay of Quinte and on line groups for REPLENISH, NOURISH & FLOURISH.  Custom weekend getaways for 4 people can also be arranged. Individual sessions are available for those who would prefer the privacy.  Lilylayne Lifestyle Living is located in rural Ontario, centrally located between Belleville, Napanee and Picton.

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Begin your pathway to serenity through grace and serenity with Lilylayne Lifestyle Living